3 Exclusive Benefits of Adopting a Puppy from The Puppy Store

There are many advantages and benefits available with the purchase of each puppy from The Puppy Store. We have over 30 years of experience matching puppies with new forever homes. That’s how we ended up being one of the best pet stores in St. George Utah. Every puppy that we sell becomes part of our “Puppy Store family.” We love all of our puppies and want to make sure that we are providing you with a healthy puppy that is ready to explore the world and get to know their new friends. Our guarantees are the best in the business and our puppies are guaranteed to be healthy! We also provide each new member of our puppy family with over the phone and online puppy training resources and training videos that you will have unlimited access to. We are here for you and your puppy for a lifetime!


Training Resources

Getting to know your new puppy and their quirks is one of the many joys of owning a new puppy. We provide each of our new puppies with a wide range of online training materials to read up on and learn how to care for your new companion. Puppy Store puppies go home with a library of trusted online puppy training videos so you can start training right away! It’s important to establish consistency and trust between you and your puppy so that you can build a lifelong bond of friendship, trust and love. To amaze your friends with how well behaved your dog is, you can rely on our Sit and Stay Training Program that is included with the purchase of each puppy. 


Vaccinations, Health Checks, Deworming and Microchip Amber Alerts

Each of our puppies is meticulously cared for and examined by a licensed veterinarian several times before becoming available for adoption. We provide a clean and safe environment for our puppies to meet new potential friends at our Puppy Store in St. George. Each puppy is up to date on their vaccinations according to their age group and is kept up to date for the length of their stay with us. Your puppy is ready to go home with you and comes with detailed instructions and vaccine schedule that you should share with your veterinarian. Every puppy is dewormed and has a microchip that is automatically registered upon purchase in your name. If your puppy gets lost, our microchip registration program also includes an amber alert where nearby shelters and vets in your area receive a notice and information about your pet so that they can contact you if your pup shows up. 



20 Day Virus-Free Guarantee

When your puppy goes home with you, we guarantee that your puppy will be taken care of in the rare circumstance that your puppy becomes ill. If the worst should happen and your puppy does contract a virus within those first 20 days, let us know and we guarantee to make it right. We provide help with veterinary bills for all puppies for qualified illnesses within the initial time period. We provide this guarantee to reassure our new puppy owners that they won’t be landed with a sick puppy. Just like little children, puppies love to explore everything about their new environment, and even though we do everything we can to protect our kids, they still find a way to catch a cold. 

2 Year Genetic Guarantee

Your puppy is still growing and even though we screen every puppy and breeder and the puppy’s parents thoroughly, sometimes genetic problems don’t come to light until the puppy grows up a bit. We offer an add-on 2 year genetic guarantee that provides extra reassurance should your puppy start to show a genetic defect later on in their life. We care about all of our puppies and want to make sure that they get the best care and have the best life possible. Ask one of our puppy ambassadors for more details!

12 Year Puppy Fur-Ever Guarantee

The best add-on guarantee that we offer is our 12 year Puppy “Fur-Ever” Guarantee. Should your puppy pass away due to a genetic defect or other hereditary disorder within the first year, you are entitled to a 100% credit toward another puppy from our puppy shop. Within the following 11 years, you are entitled to a 50% credit toward the purchase of another puppy from our store. We want you to feel secure that you are getting a healthy puppy and that if something does go awry, we will be there to help make it right!

The Puppy Store in St. George Utah is a family-friendly pet store that sells healthy, adorable puppies that come with a variety of guarantees, training resources, health certificate, vaccinations and even starter food and vitamins to get your and your new puppy started off on the right paw! 

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